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Our Guarantee

Woodside Foods Guarantee is that we source the highest quality of raw materials from around the world to provide high quality products that last a lifetime - buy it nice and not twice.

We locally source all our RAW MATERIAL from sustainable suppliers all across the world.

All our Himalayan salt products come with a 100% mould-free guarantee - due to our strict quality control policy.

30-day money back guarantee* if you're not satisfied with your product.

We only use CE certified electronics manufactured to EU & UK standards - comes with a 2 year warranty*

Our boxes use state of the art corrugated material to ensure items reaches you safely.

We value the environment - therefore we limit the use of single-use plastics and promote recyclable and reusable packaging.

Our Vegan Products are Registered with the Vegan Society to ensure that our products follow ethical practices regarding animal welfare.

We value your Data Privacy, as we follow GDPR rules, and do not share any information with third party's for marketing purposes.

We ship all across the UK and EU within 1-3 working days.

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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