Who we are

Woodside Foods Limited

Woodside Foods is the leading manufacturer and UK based distributor of Natural Goods: from Himalayan salt lamps for the home, to health supplements for vegans and even healthcare products for the Bathroom.

Our philosophy is simple, we focus only on 3 things: CustomerInnovation and Quality

We are dedicated to provide innovative goods for consumers – focusing on quality natural ingredients and materials. Therefore, we are able to provide unique high-end products at affordable prices. We carefully carry out market research for every product – ensuring we only supply tried and tested goods.

Innovation is a big part of how we stay competitive – we spend over 30% of our revenue on Research and Development. We focus on bringing new ideas to life: from the design stage to final product, we ensure the product meets health and safety guidelines, is ergonomic and eco-friendly and has a market demand.

We are able to provide high-quality at cheaper prices because we create a product that lasts. We maintain the highest customer satisfaction which gives consumer confidence in our products. And we avoid the use of any chemical and artificial materials at all costs – reducing pollution and wastage.

Our Story

Living in London, you sometimes forget what nature has to offer, and this was what we found on our travels in South Asia. It was in Pakistan, by the Himalayan Mountains that we came across the World’s 2nd Largest Salt Rock Mine. Himalayan salt has been used to help with soothing symptoms of asthma, aiding in a more restful sleep, among other benefits such as promoting the production of serotonin.

At the mine, we had an opportunity to visit the facilities they offered, ranging from spas, clinics and galleries. We got a chance to meet with locals, and staff who told us a bit about their experience with the salt, and so our journey began with a team of hardworking individuals. Working with the locals enabled us to understand the importance of naturally sourced materials and the benefits they provide.

Our beginning  as a supplier of Himalayan Salt, has now helped us to grow as the #1 supplier of natural and organic goods in the UK.

Find out more about the salt mines of Khewra below: