All you need to know about Himalayan Pink salt lamps

In case you’re hoping to improve the nature of the air in your home and want to accomplish a sentiment of unwinding, and keeping up great well-being – Himalayan salt lights are the ideal thing for you. You might have seen them being used as a decorative item, but you now know their countless benefits and the positive impact they can have on your mood.

Himalayan salt lights are exactly what you could do within your home to detoxify the indoor air pollution, which in fact is 3 times more dangerous than the pollution outside as the closed spaces can make these polluting agents much denser and concentrated which leads to variety of diseases and cause allergies, respiratory problems. Himalayan salt lamps are the cheapest and effective choice to solve this issue. These natural lamps are best known for their properties to deodorize and purify the air.

The Himalayan salts can also play a vital role in keeping your stress at bay, keeping you active and healthy. They are also excellent in creating an aura of serenity and meditation. Many spas and practitioners and healers at their workplaces and clinics, as these lamps have amazing healing properties.


Himalayan salt lamps are made up of pure pink Himalayan salt blocks mined directly from Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. The Khewra salt mine is the largest source of pure, food-grade Himalayan pink salt; the big chunks are then cleaned and exported all over the world.

The Himalayan salt is the perfect ionizer, so is also called the Vitamins of the Air. These lamps are available in variety of designs and sizes, crafted into unique masterpieces that look stunning everywhere, whether it be your bedroom, living room, bathroom or your office.

A bulb is fit inside the chunk of natural salt, or large crystals of salts are placed in a basket with a small light fixed inside. These lamps go with all the interior designs and compliment every color combination, all the while providing you with clean purified air.



In these modern times, the salt lamps are a necessity rather than a need, and let us tell you why. As we mentioned before the indoor pollution is much more harmful and has adverse effect on health. Our electronic devices including Television sets, computers, microwaves,mobile phones, and refrigerators exacerbate positive ions in the atmosphere that are dangerous and can cause you stress, trouble breathing and sleeplessness.

Himalayan salt lamps are the solution for all your problems; they emit negative ions that neutralize the positive ions in the air and prevents them causing you harm. Himalayan Pink Salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. It is essential that there are both positive and negative ions present in the atmosphere.

Ever wonder why you feel so happy and refreshed after rain or at the beach? It is because the negative ions are created by natural phenomenons such as sunlight, lightning, waterfalls, and ocean waves. These lamps also work on the same principle and bond together with the positive ions to create the same aura. They are also pure sources of light, and its hypnotic iridescent glow can cause a very soothing effect.


Here are a few reasons you should purchase these salt lamps as soon as possible.

  • Salt lamps are widely used as decorative objects due to their unique structure and artistic appeal. They look absolutely beautiful and elegant in any room.
  • They help in purifying and freshening the air by evacuating the dust, impurities, and other harmful contaminants.
  • Salt lights balance fake frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths emitted by electronic machines, e.g., .radio, TV, microwave, mobiles, etc.
  • Salt lights are also useful in improving your physical and mental health; they can help in curing respiratory issues like allergies and asthma.
  • They better your mood, bring peace, fix, cure headaches, and also increase your productivity.
  • Because of their calming qualities and soothing pinkish-orange glow, these lamps are often used for color therapy to treat neurotic disorders. You can also use these lamps in spas and for meditation.


Himalayan salt lights are effortless to care for when looked after these lamps can last a lifetime.  The greatest issue that you may face is that they draw moisture and can get damp.  It is crucial that you do not put them in a wet region or outdoors. If you feel that your lamp is getting moisture on it you can easily wipe it away with a soft fabric and leave it on for a couple of hours for it to get fully dry.

If you are not using the lamp a lot, then make sure to cover it with paper or cloth, so the dust doesn’t buildup on it, but avoid covering it using plastic as it doesn’t allow the air to pass through it and can lock the moisture in which can ruin the salt block.

If you not required to clean the lamp if you are using it regularly as when it is turned on, it emits negative ions that repel dust. You can just lightly dust it lightly to get rid of the moisture on it, or for proper cleaning, you can do a full wipe down with a dampened lint-free towel. After you have cleaned it make sure to leave the lamp on for a few hours so it can get completely dry.

If you have the salt lamp in the shape of a bowl or a basket with little chunks of salt, regularly turn the pieces to check for dampness and any dust buildup. If the salt lamp gets moist, the salt will start to crystallize, so if that happens move your lamp to a dryer place, place it in the sunlight to get dry, and use it more regularly.

Hope this article has been informative to you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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