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What is it?

Dropshipping is a way of reducing a significant amount of your cost and inventory giving you the freedom to run your store and produce sales without worrying about the logistics behind shipping and handling of products.

We hold all the inventory for your store and deliver the product directly to your customer – with a reliable delivery service and tracking. We are an established manufacturer of natural goods and products. Over the years, we have built a reliable customer base within the UK. Supplying businesses from Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.

Woodside Foods are a manufacturer that provides organic and natural products focused on providing high-quality value at affordable prices. We are innovators in our field ensuring our manufacturing follows sustainable and reliable practices – to ensure a better quality of life through our products.

Our 5+ years of experience in the market guarantees that we can offer reliable customer service with the growing demands of the E-commerce businesses of today.


But I Don’t Know Anything About Marketing or Sales?

Woodside Foods offers assistance in setting up your store, social media pages, branding, and even professional advertising campaigns on your behalf.

When can I begin?

As soon as your enquiry form is approved by our team.

Firstly, fill out the enquiry form below with your information and interest in what product line you want to dropship with us.

Afterwards, your form will be handled by one of our team, who will select whether you are ready to sign up for our Dropshipping membership programme.

Then, you will be contacted by our team to help you get up and running as soon as possible.

What is Dropshipping membership?

To begin selling our products online we ask for a one-time admin fee of £30. After this, we give you an option to chose from one of our Standard, Premium and (soon to come) Gold plans.

We charge a one-time admin fee to process your request to join our team. Giving you access to our trade catalogue(s) and resources to set you up for success.

Including but not limited to a hands-on approach in assistance to website design and branding to make it suitable for your needs and interest.

Excellent management in customer service and products -giving the best value and experience to every customer.

Fast shipment and straight forward delivery in the UK within 2 days (depending on product and location).

What do I get out of a Dropshipping membership?

Our Standard trade membership gives you the ability to purchase goods at discounted prices – including all products shown on our site.

A Standard Shipping and Handling fee of £5.99 per product

A customer support team that deals with any issues regarding delivery or faulty goods.

FREE Professional Product images to help you start selling straight away.

Delivery of goods within 3 working days.

And any technical support you may need to get your website, branding or social media up and running.

All for £2 a month,

totalling up to just £24 for the YEAR!


Our Premium membership:

All the above and the following:

A lower Shipping and Handling fee of £4.99 per product

Access to new products and marketing material before anyone else.

An option for Express One-day delivery with Tracking numbers.

3 Free blogs to improve your SEO for your site.

All this for £19.99 a month!


Our Gold membership:

Includes all the above and the following:

A free sample of our newest arrivals for you to test out and review yourself.

A dedicated team that ensures that your website and social media pages hit all the top searches every month.

Our LOWEST Shipping and Handling fee of £3.99 per product

Constant Blog posts every 2-weeks to improve your website growth.

All this for £39.99 per month

Additional add-ons

Website management for an additional £19.99 per month

Social Media Management for 30-days at £19.99 per month

Custom Own Label Packaging at one-time fee of £150.

Start earning Today!

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