Most frequent questions and answers

All our Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are made to HOLD a Tea Light Candle of your choice. When lit, the candle flame will heat the salt, releasing negative ions creating an environment that attracts moisture from the air surrounding it. 

Over long periods of use the Candle Holder becomes a natural air purifier. Our Salt Candle Holders do not include Tea Light Candles, however, due to high demand we do provide them separately as Accessories in our Shop

Following our visual instructions shown below:

How do I insert the bulb into my Himalayan Salt Lamp

Naturally, over long periods of use the bulb needs to replaced. We recommend purchasing extra bulbs for from our Accessories Shop to get the best result, otherwise we recommend Calex E14 incandescent bulbs.

However, in rare cases the cable may become fused or you may need a replacement cable, which we provide from our shop if bought with a Calex E14 bulb. 

When Himalayan Salt Lamps are kept in moisture prone environments and are unused for long periods of time they start pooling salt in liquid form. This leaking only occurs if lamp is irregularly used and not stored appropriately (store in a dry and cool environment).

The pooling of liquid should be cleaned immediately using a dry towel or tissue. Ensure lamp is switched off and unplugged from the mains before cleaning. After liquid is cleaned up use a soft tissue or wipe to clean the inside of the base and the outside of the lamp.

Dry up any excess liquid before, plugging lamp into mains and switching on. We recommend leaving lamp on for 8 hours to dry up any excess salt after cleaning.


Short answer is yes. However, we only recommend you use it sparingly, our bath salt which comes in granules are the best for this. Many customer’s have used it within their Shower Filtration or Water Filtration units as it binds to Calcium within Hard water preventing build up of Limescale. 

However, we only recommend that you get a professional plumber or filtration technician to implement this in your home. As we take no responsibility for the misuse of our salt in units that are not designed to withhold it.

For drinking purposes especially we would suggest that only 1g of salt is used per 1L of water. And make sure to check with your doctor about the health risks of increasing your sodium intake before consuming salt.

Dropshipping is a unique way to sell products online from the comfort of your home. Here at Woodside Foods we have started to allow individuals or companies who are serious about marketing and sales to sell our products online. 

We have no start-up membership fee and no minimum order requirements. 

Our handling and shipping fees are a fixed rate and we provide technical support to new entrepreneurs and beginners.

Find out more on our Dropshipping page.

Himalayan Salt Lamps were first designed to prevent pooling and leaking when the salt takes in large amounts of moisture from the air.  Later on the natural ionisation of the salt when heated started to create an environment around the lamp that sped up it ability to attract more moisture from the air. 

As a result, large amounts of dust, bacteria and viruses contained within the water moisture in the air becomes attracted to the lamp and is trapped within a dry and warm atmosphere. Many of our customers, that use our Himalayan Salt Lamps have claimed that their dust allergies have subsided through the use of our lamps in their homes.


When light passes through the Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt it provides an organic warm glow that mimics the Sun during sunsets and sunrises. This is ideal for individuals suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Check out our Benefits of Himalayan Salt for more information

The light from these lamps give a natural glow which is easier on your eyes than LED lamps on the market. This in turn tricks your brain to adjust quickly to the glow before bed and during the morning.


Woodside Foods has been a leading manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Products for many years. We build and innovate our products constantly, through review from yourselves. 

We have manufactured Salt Lamps to Last a lifetime not till next week. Check out Our Guarantee page for why you should shop with us.We provide high-quality over price, because we believe in Buy it Right, Don’t Buy it Twice.

Himalayan Salt has natural ANTI-BACTERIAL properties. Many customers who have bought our Bath Salt, also use it to treat the following skin conditions: ACNE, ECZEMA, and even PSORIASIS.

Our Bathing Salt is Pink due to its high content of essential minerals that help hydrate the skin during a salt bath. We recommend you strictly follow the instructions and guidelines on the back of the product. 

A weekly salt bath using our Himalayan Pink Salt is what we would recommend for the best results.

Our Himalayan Pink Cooking Salt is ORGANIC salt that contains 84 essential minerals which give it’s natural pink color.

When digested, these minerals react with your stomach acid to balance the pH levels within your body.  Helping ease digestion of food through the body.

Additionally, Himalayan Salt has a distinctive lighter taste. that brings out the flavor of food in a subtle and refreshing way.