Air Purifier Salt Lamp with Tree Design Wooden Basket


This is a new style natural salt lamp with a wooden craft basket containing salt lamp crystals, obtained from the mountains of Himalaya in Pakistan. The basket is nicely painted in black and with a smooth finish. The tree silhouette shadow makes this basket lamp modern decoration art that you deserve to have one.


Product Description

The Air Purifier Salt Lamp with Tree Design Wooden Basket containing natural salt crystals, obtained and hand mined from the mountains of Himalaya. This salt lamp must be great for the bedroom, office, and study. The unique design of the Himalayan salt lamp basket gives the product a pleasing and refreshing effect. The salt lamp wooden basket is handily crafted from the wood of  the most reliable tree of the subcontinent. With its’ vintage/retro cage look and “mood purifier” function, both of them impress people in one-to satisfy. The Himalayan salt lamp basket can be gifted to any person on his/her birthday or marriage anniversary.

  • Height: 18-20cm: Width: 16-18cm
  • Bulbs and cable included Uses 15W bulb

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg


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