Dome Shape Foot Massage With Wooden Stand


Made With Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Hand and Foot Massager. Ultra Smooth and Soft Ideal for Personal and Professional Use.

The Foot Massager/Dome also Emits a Soothing Warm Amber Glow when Lit that adds to the Relaxing and Calming Effects of the Detoxification Process.

Product Description

Himalayan salt lamp/massager with therapeutic benefits for your health and well being.

Suitable for a room up to 10 square meters, a small bedroom, living room or office.

Comes complete with certified cable and bulb.

Himalayan salt lamp, a piece of Himalayan salt rock in its most natural form. Handcrafted and on a wooden base.

You can use the foot/Hand Massager Dome at Home and then even leave it on for Air Purification and Enjoy its Beautiful atmosphere.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg


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