Dome Shape Foot Massage With Wooden Stand

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Made With Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Hand and Foot Massager. Ultra Smooth and Soft Ideal for Personal and Professional Use.

The Foot Massager/Dome also Emits a Soothing Warm Amber Glow when Lit that adds to the Relaxing and Calming Effects of the Detoxification Process.

Product Description

Himalayan salt lamp/massager with therapeutic benefits for your health and well being.

Suitable for a room up to 10 square meters, a small bedroom, living room or office.

Comes complete with certified cable and bulb.

Himalayan salt lamp, a piece of Himalayan salt rock in its most natural form. Handcrafted and on a wooden base.

You can use the foot/Hand Massager Dome at Home and then even leave it on for Air Purification and Enjoy its Beautiful atmosphere.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg


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