• Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

The salt inhaler works by passing the air you breathe in over the surface of the Himalayan salt. Natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles on its way to your lungs. Sort of like the air is scooping all the natural minerals straight into your lungs.

Product Description

Himalayan Salt Inhaler are 100% natural, safe for nursing mothers, and is a great, non-drug using alternative to get your lungs breathing easier again. Many users claim that the length of chest colds and flu’s are decreased with the use of salt inhalers.

Pink Himalayan Salt is known to help with
• Asthma
• Sinus problems
• Congestion
• Bronchitis
• Common colds
• Allergies
• Hay fever
• Smokers cough
• C.O.P.D.
• Digestion
• Flushing of toxins
• Low energy levels

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg


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