EXCLUSIVE: Rose Himalayan Pink Salt USB Lamp

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Woodside Foods EXCLUSIVE Rose design carved out of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt that glows in various colours. This is a perfect portable lamp that provides mood lighting for anyone looking to reduce the usage of harsh LED lighting while studying long hours or reading a book.

This lamp requires no plug as it uses a USB connection to power the Lamp.


An exclusive Himalayan Salt Product by Woodside Foods, as we continue to innovate new ways customers can experience the glow of Himalayan Salt Products. This retro Himalayan salt lamp has been handcrafted into a ROSE design to be used as a beautiful Desktop lamp. This is a portable desktop lamp which comes with an ergonomic design for easy handling and use. Comes equipped with a USB cable that can plug into any USB port in your home or desktop. Lamp changes colour from Purple, Red, Green and Blue for a soothing effect when spending late hours working in front of your computer or reading a book. Himalayan Salt Lamps are perfect for people who are sensitive to harsh LED lighting.

The salt crystals used to manufacture these lamps are 100% natural – obtained by hand from the Khewra mines from the mountains of Himalaya in Pakistan. Himalayan natural salt crystals are moisture absorbent which means they can collect pathogens trapped in moisture from the air. Many customers have claimed our Lamps have helped with:

  • Naturally Purifying the Air
  • Easing their Symptoms Asthma  
  • Improving their Blood Circulation
  • Improving their Sleep Cycle

Includes: Cable and Bulb.

Weight 3 kg


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